Jamie’s Apprentice

If you’ve read my previous post, you will know that I am really really happy to have 3 Brand New Cookbooks in my greasy mitts!

 So when the weekend came along I was eager to try a new recipe and who else to choose from but Jamie’s Cookbook. His writings are interesting and very easy to follow instructions made my job as his apprentice a whole lot easier J I chose a recipe I’ve never attempted before, Cheesecake…It looks like a lot of technical ability is needed to get the texture and the flavors right. But with the help of Jamie I aced it! Well, the only thing I would do next time is not over cook the crust!! 

Jamie’s Easy Vanilla Cheesecake

Jamie’s Easy Vanilla Cheesecake

This Cheesecake turned out delicious! The texture is rich and creamy, sticking to the roof of our mouth so the flavor lingers on your taste buds as it melts! MMMmmmmmm

Jamie’s Recipe

Jamie’s Recipe

Jamie made it with a Cherry Compote, but as I didn’t have any cherries on hand I just lathered lemon curd over the top! 

This Cheesecake was not only easy, but very inexpensive to make. If you have some plain coffee biscuits hanging around use them for the crust, you only need 2 eggs and less than ½ Cup of cream. The cream cheese I used wasn’t expensive at all. I used the Home brand cream cheese and for the same 250g size as the Philly I paid only $1.50 and I bought 3 packets. That’s it, the cake only cost me around $6 to make. It’s pretty good considering one slice of cake at a café will lost u $6 and up! Enjoy Guys!


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